Monochromatic Excimer Light Technology

ExciplexExciplex® is a portable, hand-held Monochromatic Excimer Light platform that treats autoimmune skin conditions such as Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Alopecia Areata, Mycosis Fungoides & Atopic Dermatitis.

With ground-breaking results, its low cost, intuitive interface, easy transportation and multiple applications, Exciplex® provides a great addition to your clinic or practice.



Excimer Light System for Autoimmune Skin Treatments

  • Multiple Applications
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • High Power = Fast Treatments
  • Intuitive Touch-screen Interface
  • No Consumables




Exciplex® emits Monochromatic Excimer Light at 308nm, the most effective wavelength to treat chronic auto-immune skin diseases. An innovative and modern device with unmatched clinical efficiency. Dermatologists around the world have recognized the benefits of Exciplex® for their patients.

Exciplex® is the smallest Monochromatic Excimer Light platform that effectively treats localized auto immune skin conditions / dermatological indications.


Fluence of 100mW / cm² and total power of 2500mW resulting in fast treatments.


A large spot size of 25cm² to treat large areas but also adaptable for smaller lesions using reduction tips, protecting healthy skin.


Colour touch-screen with intuitive layout, Only one parameter required: the dose.


Modern design with a comfortable handle. Small, lightweight and highly portable.




GAZ SOURCE: Xenon-Chloride (XeCl)
LIGHT RANGE: Monochromatic UVB
POWER DENSITY: 100mW / cm²
SPOT SIZE: Up to 25cm² with 6 reduction tips
WEIGHT: 950g
DIMENSIONS: 27cm x 8cm x 15cm
COOLING: Pulsed Air
ELECTRICS: 100-240V / 50-60Hz / 180VA
SOURCE: Xenon-Chloride (XeCl) lamp
BULB WARRANTY: 3 years with unlimited use
CONSUMABLES: Zero Consumables




Existing treatments have limitations and side effects. The new Exciplex device offers a promising solution to the treatment of Vitiligo and some other conditions such as Alopecia Areata and Psoriasis. It is fast, safe and results from clinical studies are very impressive.
Pr. Firas Al-Niaimi – London, UK

Exciplex is an excellent device that I like to use everyday. Clinical results are fast and impressive. Even Alopecia Totalis can be treated with astonishing hair regrow the. Exciplex is one of the best investments a Dermatologist can do for his patients.
Dr Galvan – Mexico

Exciplex is very useful in our everyday practice. It is not only a well demonstrated effective and safe treatment for Vitiligo but also an efficient solution for localised forms of Alopecia Areata and MF. It is therefore an important equipment for phototherapy Dermatologists of our department.
Pr. Passeron – France

My patients are extremely satisfied with the clinical results of the Exciplex, the treatment is fast and very convenient with almost no side effects. Exciplex is the best device I ever used in my practice.
Dr Ushida – Japan



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